ProSet Setting Tool

setting auto glass

What Is ProSet?

ProSet Setting Tool is a revolutionary auto glass setting tool, designed by an auto glass technician with over 25 years’ experience.

Why Is ProSet Different?

ProSet has been designed to work differently than any other setting tool, by mimicking an installer’s natural setting motion without having to measure, template, or guess.

Why ProSet?

ProSet allows the technician to set from either side of the vehicle, from the hood, door glass, no hood, or even the roof. Utilizing ProSet will guarantee an accurate set; enabling even the nonveteran technician a precise set. ProSet will equip a tech to Set like a Pro each time, every time.

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ProSet Setting Tool 

Go bigger and better with the ProSet Setting Tool to take setting a windshield to a new level! Less strain and more gain with a guaranteed accurate set without measuring or dry setting. Contact us to get yours today!


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