ProSet Setting Tool

**Due to increased order volume typical orders take four to five weeks, as we build the product by hand to ensure the best quality of our product. 

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Work Smarter Not Harder.

We believe in innovation, not imitation. We are always looking forward while remembering where we came from---we are techs first. We think outside the box when it comes to our products. Our goal is making revolutionary, industry-changing tools that make a job easier and simpler for auto glass technicians. Every piece of our product was strategically thought out to work best for the technician; paying attention to the smallest of details. We believe in hard work, dedication and no shortcuts. We strive for excellence in all we do.

Now Introducing: ProSet

The design of the ProSet wasn’t done overnight. It took years of research, development, trial and error before Christian found exactly what he felt was acceptable. Each piece was thoroughly thought out and tested before the final product came to fruition. We were first on the market to incorporate a wheel stop; the wheel not only acts as a stop so the windshield will not touch the body of the vehicle until the tech is ready, it also will roll for those ultra-heavy sets; thus, eliminating the need for an extra tech. ProSet’s construction was thought out with longevity in mind. That is why we chose aluminum and stainless steel. Two strong, yet lightweight materials, that will not counteract with each other.

car with glass closeup

With this new device, setting a windshield is less strenuous on your body and can guarantee an accurate set without measuring or dry setting.

windshield being set by ProSet Tool

auto glass repairs

setting a windshield

We think outside the box when it comes to our products. After years of installing windshields; Christian realized the strain setting was putting on his body and knowing he wanted to provide an excellent set each and every time, he started designing the ProSet. After much research and development, came the ProSet. With its unique method, setting the windshield has never been easier and inaccuracies are nearly impossible.

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ProSet Setting Tool 

Go bigger and better with the ProSet Setting Tool to take setting a windshield to a new level! Less strain and more gain with a guaranteed accurate set without measuring or dry setting. Contact us to get yours today!


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